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Bruxism is the name for the unconscious clenching and grinding of the teeth that typically takes place when a person is sleeping. This issue affects about one in four adults. Symptoms include headaches, aching jaw, gum problems, and the risk of tooth enamel becoming eroded. During teeth grinding, the pressure on the teeth can be 20 times more than the force that’s used with regular biting and chewing.

For several years, treatment for Bruxism has been basic, with those suffering with it using a mouth guard. But Botox injections are now being used to control it. No, Botox is not just for smoothing out wrinkles and lines anymore!

The causes of bruxism are unknown, but it is often thought that anxiety and stress might cause tension in the jaw; antidepressants may also trigger the problem. Some treatments now also include stress management and nighttime mouth-guards made of silicone. Some of them can be very expensive.

Grinding Teeth

Botox or (botulinum toxin type A) is a purified form of Clostridium botulinum, which is a bacteria that causes food poisoning. When it is injected, it inhibits the release of certain chemicals at the junction between a nerve and a muscle. The message that is typically sent for that muscle to work is blocked, and it relaxes.

The results of this treatment last for about four to six months. Botox is approved for treating muscle spasticity symptoms that can be painful in a significant number of neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy. Studies have also found it could be an effective treatment for Bruxism.

There are three sets of muscles involved in moving the jaw. They can become overactive, causing the jaw to clench unconsciously. We inject enough Botox into these muscles so they relax.

We treat patients at London Lip Clinic regularly with bruxism with Botox and experience complete success.

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