Calf Reduction Botox.

Calf Reduction Botox London

Calf reduction is typically done as a way to feminise the legs, creating a smooth contour from the knees to the ankle. When calves lack a defined curve, the lower legs can appear shorter, more masculine. Botox injections, while less invasive than surgical muscle reduction of the calf muscle, can still create noticeable and lasting effects for patients who desire a slimmer lower leg. Using a series of syringes, 50-100 units of Botox is carefully injected evenly across the gastrocnemius muscle on each side. The gastrocnemius muscle is the most superficial calf muscle that is responsible for bulkiness and definition of the calf. This procedure can often be performed in under an hour but typically requires at least 2 treatment sessions to see noticeable results. Maintenance treatments are also necessary to see continued effects. The goal of a calf reduction by Botox injection is to slim and contour the calf muscles.

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Procedure Time: 30mins



Redness, swelling and bruising

PRICE: £800 per session

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox is injected into your calf muscles, thus weakening the muscles, and shrinking them. There are two muscles in your calf: the soleus and the gastrocnemius. Botox is usually injected into the gastrocnemius muscle as it is more superficial. For Asian women, we usually inject more on the medial (inner) side of the gastrocnemius muscle as it is the side that tends to be bulkier. As the calf is a much bigger muscle than the jaw, a larger amount of Botox would be required. Depending on the assessment of each individual, in general, about 50 to 100 units of Botox is required for each calf.

We will need to assess you through a physical examination. Calves should be examined in both the neutral and the tiptoed position to determine if the bulky calves are due to enlarged muscle. If it is, then Botox will be a suitable treatment.

The effect of Botox can generally last 4 to 6 months. You can expect to see a reduction in calf size after 2 to 4 weeks, but a follow-up session may be required to achieve the optimum calf reduction. The result is not permanent but the effect will last longer with repeated treatments.

Side effects are generally rare and mild with cosmetic Botox treatment. As with all injection-related procedures, there could be pain, redness and bruising. However, these are all temporary and the pain can be minimised through the application of numbing cream and cold compress before injection. There is also no recovery time associated with this procedure and you can expect to resume daily activities immediately after treatment.

In summary, Botox is a safe and effective treatment for calf reduction.

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