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Most people will spend an average of two years considering Lip Filler Treatment before their first consultation.

Common conditions that encourage people to consider lip fillers are; thin lips, asymmetric lips, lips lacking in volume, dry lips and smokers lines. Equally, a growing trend influenced by television and social media is for lips that appear plump, full and a little bit glamorous.

Whatever the reason you may be considering lip filler injections, Rupesh Shah at the London Lip Clinic understands that one of the most important parts of his role as an expert lip injector, is to listen, take the time to fully understand your desires and most importantly, to devise a plan that is both realistic and desirable to give you beautiful, natural looking results.

Lip Filler Treatment
Lip Fillers
Lip Filler Treatment

One of the most common things we hear at the London Lip Clinic, is that clients are rightly cautious about both their practitioner, and the products used as they don’t want to result in lips that are known as ‘duck lips’ (lips that appear beak like, sticking out disproportionately from the face), or ‘trout pouts’ (made famous by many celebrities that have seriously overdone it, and have lips that are too large and out of balance for their face).

It is sad that people have misguided assumptions that lip fillers look obvious. There are a number of reasons this may be the case, from inexperienced, unqualified practitioners and the use of unregulated dermal filler products to patients who have chosen to ‘form’ the appearance of their lips in this way. We believe it is the responsibility of the practitioner to ensure they practise both safely, and in the best interest of the patient.

Rupesh Shah

Here at London Lip Clinic, you will always be treated by Rupesh personally.

Rupesh is an advanced aesthetic practitioner with more than 10 years’ experience, treating not just lips, but the entire face.

He takes the time to fully consult with each client before treatment, and with his expertise combined with artistry, he will ensure that you leave London Lip Clinic nothing short of delighted with your perfectly proportioned, voluminous lips.

Meet Rupesh
Rupesh Shah
Juvéderm dermal filler

Juvéderm Volift.

Rupesh is proud to use only the highest grade certified dermal fillers like Juvéderm Volift to create incredible lips.

Juvéderm Volift (made by Allergan) is a dermal filler treatment that consists of Hyaluronic Acid with Lidocaine (a numbing agent) to ensure that your lip filler treatment is as comfortable and painless as possible.

Juvéderm Volift is an extremely versatile premium filler that has been specifically formulated to give greater control during application, allowing for an even distribution whilst adding volume, so that finite contouring and defining of the lips can be achieved giving as natural a result as possible. Juvéderm Volift has incredible staying power, breaking down slowly and evenly over time, so you can be sure that your fabulous new lips will last.

More about Juvéderm

London Lip Clinic

On the day.

So you’ve done your homework and found the right practitioner who has bundles of experience, uses great products and has an extensive portfolio of previous patient success stories. You’ve enjoyed a thorough consultation, discussed your objectives with Rupesh and decided that the London Lip Clinic is the right clinic for you - what can you expect from your Lip Filler Treatment?

Day of treatment
Lip Filler Treatment Anaesthetics

On the day of your treatment, we want to make sure you feel at ease every step of the way.


You will be welcomed into our Harley Street Clinic, and taken through to the treatment room. Both hygiene and safety are of primary importance to Rupesh, so you will have been advised to refrain from wearing makeup on the day of your treatment.


Before your lip filler treatment begins, Rupesh will talk through the treatment in detail and answer any last minutes questions you may have. You will be encouraged to discuss any concerns or fears so that you are fully comfortable with the treatment before we proceed.


Your lips will then be sterilised with an antiseptic solution to ensure they are super clean pre-treatment, and an anaesthetic block will be applied so that you can be guaranteed a pain free experience designed for maximum comfort. Some clinics choose to use numbing cream as opposed to an injectable anaesthetic, but we feel that this can still lead to some discomfort in patients and therefore opt for the all encompassing approach to pain management.

Lip Filler Treatment Anaesthetics Lip Filler Treatment Preparation
Why a microcannula? Smooth insertion

Rupesh has devised a masterful non-surgical lip filler technique that surpasses other non specialist practitioners, and is revered by peers.

Why a microcannula?

This involves the use of a microcannula, which is blunt with a rounded tip as opposed to needles which are sharp and pointed.

Why a microcannula?

This technique leads to less bruising, reduced swelling and little downtime. A microcannula is longer than a traditional needle, and is flexible to allow for more precise distribution of filler to the lips when volumising, as well as sculpting the contour of the lips. This can all be achieved through a single point of application, reducing the number of injection points and thus minimising disruption to the lips surface.

Smooth insertion

Rupesh is an expert Lip Injector, and believes in absolute transparency with his clients. Non-surgical lip augmentation is not without risk. It is vitally important that your practitioner is open to discuss the risks with you, as you should always be fully informed of the possible implications of your treatment. This is a further reason that Rupesh opts to use a microcannular, as the blunt tip allows for the cannula to glide through the tissue of the lips, without causing trauma to anything in its path.

Low risk

As the aesthetics industry is currently unregulated in the UK, most frequently when complications occur, this is usually as a result of an inexperienced practitioner accidentally injecting filler into the arteries of the lip. This acts as a block to the blood flow that is vital for the survival of the tissue. This complication is known as intravascular injection, and the use of a microcannular vastly reduces the likelihood of this occurring.

Excellent lip filler treatment

A marque of an excellent lip filler treatment is one that is virtually undetectable by the public.

At London Lip Clinic, we focus on beautifully proportioned results whereby we aim to achieve two thirds volume to the lower lip, and one third volume to the upper lip giving a desirable, balanced look.

Once Rupesh has finished the lip filler application, he will gently massage the lips to aid spreading of the filler and to ensure that there are no lumps – only beautifully smooth, luscious lips that are full and evenly balanced for the most enviable pout!

Lip Filler Treatment undetectable by the public
Still got questions?
Still got questions?

Still got questions?

If you have any questions about your treatment, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or email us.

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