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Lip Conditions.


The way we look is down to our genetic make-up and one of the main reasons why a person has lips that are thin, or small. The mouth receives a lot of attention as one of the main focal areas of the face, which is why many people look to find a way of creating lovelier looking lips.

Whilst some people are happy with the features that nature has provided, others feel that they would like to enhance their characteristics for an appearance they feel more at ease with. When the lips are thinner in volume, some people can feel that their overall look is unbalanced and not in line with ideal perception of the top and bottom lip being proportionately 1 third to 2 thirds, respectively.

For those who have been naturally blessed with a fuller pout, ageing can often cause the lips to lose their youthful volume. Due to a decline in collagen and elastin, the surrounding skin and muscles that support the mouth can weaken. This results in diminished underlying tissues that contribute to the loss in volume.


The application of dermal fillers to one or both of the lips to add just the right amount of volume for a naturally enhanced look. Fillers can also be used to create a more desirable shape to the lips, evening the outline of the lips or accentuating the cupid’s bow – the part of the top lip that creates 2 distinct points, looking similar to the letter ‘M’.

At London Lip Clinic we specialise in caring for this sensual feature, which is why we use only the best lip filler on the market – Juvéderm. Their patented formula is designed to blend with the delicate skin and underlying tissues of the lips, working to revitalise the skin for a youthfully rejuvenated appearance.



When a person looks very closely at their face, they will probably find that their features are not completely symmetrical. This is totally normal and a characteristic that often extends to the lips. Asymmetric lips are a common concern that affects around 30 % of adults, however for most people, asymmetric lips are very slight in appearance and will often go unnoticed.

When one or both lips are underdeveloped it can cause the rest of the face to look disproportionate or unbalanced, with the condition being more noticeable when smiling, speaking or laughing. Having asymmetric lips can be a genetic issue, or one that has been the result of trauma to the lips or a metabolic concern.

Imbalances in the presence of soft tissues can lead to an unbalanced appearance of the lips and give an unaesthetic smile or a larger than desired, gingival display (the amount of gum that shows when you smile). This imbalance can appear as a disproportionately thinner top or bottom lip (with the ideal being one third top lip to two thirds bottom lip), uneven volume running through the lips or one side of the mouth looking noticeably different from the other side.

Augmenting the lips is one of the simplest methods of creating a more even and balanced look to the mouth area. Filling the lips with dermal fillers, is a non-surgical treatment that produces safe and effective results, for a subtle and natural look. Juvederm fillers are a reputable product and the preferred brand for lip fillers, at London Lip Clinic.

London Lip Clinic takes a personalised approach to each patient’s needs when treating asymmetric lips, understanding that each case is different and will require its own tailored technique. The individual concerns of the patient will ensure the right amount of filler is applied to the right place within the lips to produce a more even and balanced look to the lips.


The appearance of the lips is considered most desirable when they possess a plump and moist  look. When the lips become dry, they can lose their dewy appearance and become dull and uneven in texture.

Dry lips will often look and feel rough, as the delicate skin appears flaky and cracked. The lips can be a feature that is characteristically dry, as the skin in this area does not have the natural oils glands that are found on the rest of the body. This means that the lips will not produce the barriers that work to keep the lips hydrated and protected; like those that are produced through natural moisturising factors.

The skin on the lips is also without the layer that contains fats and proteins, which not only acts to protect dry skin, but also consists of some built-in UV protection (although this is a relatively small amount – equivalent to SPF 5).

Sun exposure is a large contributor to dry lips as it reduces the hydration, as are fluctuations in temperature, cold weather and wind. When the lips are dry, they can feel irritated, tight and start to peel. As dryness develops further this can sometimes lead to cracking and bleeding, as the lips become chapped. Licking the lips is often a natural reaction when they feel dry, especially when they are chapped. This action can help to exacerbate the condition as moisture is drawn out of the lips as the saliva evaporates. This will contribute to the lips’ vulnerability to the environment’s harsh conditions, such as hot sun or cold air.

Dermal fillers contain a concentration of hyaluronic acid within the injectable gel. Hyaluronic acid is the natural substance found within the skin, that works to maintain natural hydration. By applying this product to the lips, it can increase the levels of moisture and help to reduce dryness of the skin on the lips.

London Lip Clinic uses Juvederm lip fillers – a brand that is trusted by many clinics and is widely used on the aesthetics market. The application of this product can help to restore the youthful dewy appearance that many patients desire for their lips.


Aesthetically, the process of ageing affects the face and body in a variety of ways, including ageing lips. This can range from lines and wrinkles to pigmentation and facial volume loss. The primary factors that lead to an altered physical appearance include loss of collagen, elastin and other tissues from the skin’s structure from which wrinkles and volume loss emerge.

As the skin on the lips is more delicate in nature than on other parts of the face, the signs of ageing are can often be seen in this area, first.

Due to the decline in tissue mass, the lips can look thinner, as volume is lost. Although collagen is one of the substances that is responsible for a fuller look to the lips, it also helps with the production of hyaluronic acid – the skin’s own hydrator. When essential moisture starts to diminish, the skin dries out which can cause flaking and an uneven texture. The change in structure to the skin on and around the lips leads to the development of lines and wrinkles. Lip lines can appear above, below and on the top and bottom lip, appearing most prominently as vertical lines that extend from the edge of the lip.

When ageing lips becomes a noticeable concern and the natural definition becomes compromised, lip fillers can help to turn back the clock. Through a careful application by an experienced injector, this treatment can help to restore volume, smooth out any lines and provide essential moisture for a youthful dewy look.

At London Lip Clinic, caring for this sensual feature is their speciality. Juvederm is a reputable brand that the clinic trusts to provide their patients with the safe and effective outcome they seek. Through a one-to-one consultation prior to treatment, a bespoke plan of action can be constructed which is tailored to meet the individual’s needs, exactly. With London Lip Clinic and Juvederm lip fillers, the lips can achieve the ideal look.

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