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Jawline Definition.

Jawline Filler Treatment

If you’re looking for jawline contouring in London, you are in the right place. Here at the London Lip Clinic we are proud to be able to offer jawline filler treatment to our clients. Do you avoid being photographed in profile because your jawline is no longer tight? Jawline filler treatment can give you back the profile you enjoyed in your youth. With the right application of jawline fillers, you’ll notice a marked improvement in the contour of your jaw.

Treatment With Jawline Filler

If you feel that your chin or jaw areas are no longer as tight as they once were, you may benefit from jawline filler treatment. Perhaps you have been unhappy about how your jawline looks for a long time and you would like a more contoured appearance? The shape of your jaw can be due to your genetic inheritance. The fatty tissue in the area tends to fall in the lowest point making the shape of the jaw lack definition.

Jawline filler treatment is popular for both men and women alike. Men typically want to achieve a more chiselled profile. Some men find that their face is too oval or too slender. They benefit from the application of jawline fillers to contour their jaws.

Women who feel that the aging process has caused a loss of definition in this area will benefit from an upward lift of the jowls. Here, the filler is applied carefully to give a more feminine appearance. With men, the treatment is used to enhance the bone structure by creating the right angles and straight lines. In female clients, we aim to create a much gentler look using curves.

For optimal aesthetic improvements to the jawline, fillers will often need to be used on the upper part of the face also. To get the best results, we take into account the natural shape of your face. This allows us to contour the face by recovering the natural definition of your facial features.

How Does Jawline Filler Work?

Jawline contouring using fillers is suitable for both men and women. This treatment creates a more contoured jawline for a more masculine or feminine appearance. Some individuals are unhappy with the jawline they were born with, however, in the majority of cases people choose jawline contouring to get back the shape they had when they were younger.

As we age, the skin starts to sag as it loses its elasticity. This causes a lack of definition in this area of the face. Many individuals find that the corners of their mouths start to become droopy. The wrinkles which extend to the jawline at the sides of the mouth are known as ‘marionette lines.’ This effect creates the jowls so common as part of the ageing process. The appearance of the jowls is accentuated by a loss of fatty tissue in this area of the face.

Jawline filler works by adding back the lost volume in your face. Hyaluronic Acid fillers do more than merely fill in the lines and wrinkles. They are able to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. This gives you a revitalised, refreshed, and youthful appearance. It’s relatively common to combine jawline filler treatment with a skin tightening treatment. We can discuss your aims and objectives with you at your free consultation with us here at the London Lip Clinic. This way, we can let you know which combination of treatments is best for you.

Dermal fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid are useful in jawline contouring as they are able to restore Collagen and Elastin to the skin. These are the two substances needed for the elasticity and volume of youthful skin. After your treatment with jawline fillers you’ll experience a tighter and more lifted jawline.

The Benefits of Jawline Filler

There are several main benefits of undergoing jawline filler treatment. Jawline contouring is an effective method for sculpting and reshaping the jaw. This creates the right shape to frame the face perfectly. Another benefit of jawline contouring is that the results are visible straight away. You’ll find that by undergoing this procedure it will also help with any issues you may have with a double chin or loose skin in the area. This is even more the case when the procedure is combined with sculpting of the chin region with filler.

With male clients, the chiselling effect has the potential to be more pronounced than with females undergoing treatment with jawline filler. As already stated, the results last longer for some people than others. It is possible to go for 2 years without needing retreatment; however, the average time for fillers to break down is one year.

Many males have a naturally weak jawline that they would like to address by having jawline filler. When this is the case, we can inject small amounts of filler to reshape your jawline. This produces extremely natural results as the procedure is carried out by taking into account the overall shape of your face.

Some people find that their jawline isn’t symmetrical. This affects the overall look of the face. Jawline filler is able to tackle issues with an uneven jawline. Injections will be made on the side which is less prominent, bringing symmetry to the face where it’s needed.
As well as the benefits outlined above jawline fillers have several other plus points. These are outlined below:
• Jawline filler is a non-invasive procedure.
• Recovery from mild side-effects only takes a few days.
• The results are instant, so you can walk out of the clinic looking fabulous.
• You can change the shape of your chin and jawline through having the procedure.
• There is no downtime after the procedure is complete.
• You can carry on as usual after having the procedure.
• The results look natural.
• These results can be reversed if you decide you don’t like your filler.

Pre-Appointment Care for Jawline Filler

With jawline filler treatments, an anaesthetic will need to be applied before your procedure can start. Please arrive half an hour before your appointment so that we can apply the numbing cream. You’ll need to make sure that you don’t consume any alcohol for 2 days before your appointment with jawline fillers. It’s recommended to take Arnica drops for 5 days before your treatment. This will keep any bruising you experience to a minimum.

It’s also a good idea to stop taking any dietary supplements, fish oil, or vitamins for five days pre-appointment. With your doctor’s consent, stop taking any blood-thinning medications for 5 days before and after the procedure.

The Process of Jawline Filler Treatment

Jawline filler treatment will take about half an hour to complete. You’ll need to make sure that you don’t apply any makeup before your appointment. Aim to wear loose clothing so you’ll be comfortable during the procedure.

Treatment begins with taking some photographs of your face. If you need to have the numbing cream applied before having your injections aim to arrive at least half an hour before your appointment is scheduled. This will give the anaesthetic time to work before the procedure starts.

After the area has been numbed with a topical anaesthetic, the treatment begins. There will be several injection sites to complete the procedure. A very small needle is used to administer the jawline filler. The filler is administered as small injections using a cannula technique in the mandible region. Most patients find that the procedure is not painful to undergo. Once you get home after the procedure you can apply a cold compress to the area to reduce any mild bruising or swelling.

At the London Lip Clinic, we can use fillers made with Hyaluronic Acid like Juvederm. This type of filler produces the most natural and beautiful results. We are able to tailor the procedure to meet individual needs and expectations.

Post-Appointment Care for Jawline Filler

You’ll need to avoid direct sunlight, and visiting the tanning salon or sauna for a week after treatment with Jawline filler. It’s recommended not to see your beautician for any of your usual procedures for 14 days after treatment with us here at the London Lip Clinic. Avoid using makeup for 6 hours after your procedure.

There may be some swelling in the area you had treated with jawline filler. The area may feel tender when you touch it for a few days. Symptoms like this are common and tend to subside within 3 to 5 days. A filler containing Hyaluronic Acid should stay in place for about a year. We urge you to come back and see us for a check up once each year so we can see how you’re doing. As results with jawline fillers can vary from person to person in terms of how long the effects last, it’s important to make an appointment so we can review your progress and see if you need retreatment.

Side-Effects of Jawline Filler

After your treatment with jawline filler there may be some minor discomfort in the area that was treated. You may find that the jaw area feels a little swollen to the touch. There may be some redness or itching, and you may find you have eruptions of acne a few days after treatment. All these effects are temporary and will soon subside. Typically, side-effects after having treatment with jawline filler are eased by applying a cold compress to the area. The most common side-effects are extremely minor and will be gone in a few days after treatment.

Although the development of an infection is extremely rare, there is a slight risk of developing one through having the jaw line filler treatment. If you do develop a rare infection, this can be treated with antibiotics. We will discuss all the benefits and risks associated with the treatment at your free consultation here at the London Lip Clinic. In order to avoid problems with spreading infections, filler treatments can’t go ahead if there is an adjacent infection of some kind.

Common Patient Concerns

Jawline contouring in London is ideal for people who want to change the look of their lower face. Whether you want to elongate the face, or are looking for more definition, this treatment is perfect for you. Dermal fillers can be safely used in different facial areas to restore the volume that has been lost over the years. There are a few different types of dermal fillers available on the market today. The most popular are Restylane Lyft, Juvederm Voluma & Juvederm Volux, and Radiesse for using in the chin and jaw areas.

At the London Lip Clinic, we are able to tailor our approach to take into account individual anatomy. We understand which treatments to use to achieve different objectives. Dermal filler in the jaw can replace a lack of muscle or bone in the jawline and make the skin in this area tauter and younger looking. This treatment will give you a distinct edge to your jawline.

Depending on the treatments you’ve planned to undergo at your appointment, the procedure will take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete. When the chin area lacks volume, a deeper injection can be used here. This will re-plump the area nicely by restoring the lost volume.

If you are sensitive to Lidocaine, you’ll need to let us know this before your appointment. Also, let us know what medications you are taking regularly. You can do this at your free consultation here at the London Lip Clinic. We’ll also need to see your medical history before we can agree to treat you.
Many people find that their jawline lacks definition and decide to have treatment with jawline fillers to solve the issue. This treatment will provide you with a non-surgical, instant, aesthetic solution for the problem. On average, treatment with jawline fillers will last for 12 months, but this does vary from person to person. Some people find that their fillers last for 2 years or more.

If you have any more questions about jawline sculpting we will be happy to hear from you. Book your free consultation today and find out how we can make a difference. We can walk you through the process of getting treatment and answer any questions you may have.

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