Under Eye Dark Circles.


UNDER EYE DARK CIRCLE Hyperpigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in colour than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin colour, forms deposits in the skin, due to: exposure to the sun, female hormones, Post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation, pollution and free radicals, certain diseases, medication in-take, genetics…

It can appear on the whole face and whole body.

We can treat and reduce the under eye dark circles by using our own special cocktail of drugs injected into the affected under eye area.

The active ingredients that are working in synergy to fight severe hyperpigmentation in the face ( under eye dark circles ) as well as dark circles, hyperpigmentation in the body and particularly in dark hairy areas include:

Tranexamic acid 3%
Glutathione 0.2%
Vitamin C
Phytic acid
Pyruvic acid
Kojic acid
Mulberry leaves extracts

Dark circles

Dark circles are deep tear trough hollows in the under eye area can look very tired and as if they have not had enough sleep and rest. It is a hollowing around the tear trough area and around the malar area.

Causes of dark circles

Most often a few factors cause dark circles. These factors include genetic colouring of the skin or a thin skin with semi-visible eye muscle below it. Other factors include cheek descent with hollowing in the tear trough area at the top of the cheek (triangular atrophy) and the malar line plus nasojugal line, (the nasojugal line being the trans cheek depression and hollow which forms between fat pads as the cheek descends with age).

What is Mesotherapy for dark circles?

Mesotherapy for under-eyes dark circles contains a cocktail comprising above ingredients,  hyaluronic acid and 53 active ingredients including vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and more.

This treatment for underneath the eyes takes around thirty minutes and involves injecting small quantities of the tailored cocktail into the desired area.

Furthermore, Mesotherapy has no side effects, and the treatment is compatible with other treatments.

After Mesotherapy for under eye dark circles You will look and feel refreshed.


There can be many causes of dark circles under the eyes. But for those that are more pigment-related, platelet-rich plasma is injected under the skin around the eyes. Over time, the plasma stimulates the skin and causes it to go into a regenerative phase.

The plasma also scours skin pigments that create the circles and grows healthy skin to help remove the dark circles.  For this purpose, one to two treatment is generally sufficient.

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