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LIP AUGMENTATION – Full Volume, youthful lips with a highly defined border is a true definition of lip beauty.

A natural-looking flawless finish is what many people desire. However, many people can become self-conscious when they feel their lips are thin, undefined or shape-challenged.
To restore confidence and self-esteem, lip fillers can be a fantastic way to enhance the lips. Lip fillers can give individuals the smile and lip line that they wish for.

But as we age we lose natural substances such as collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid which give the mouth area and lips structure and volume.
This can lead to:
1. Loss of definition of lip border
2. Loss of lip volume and flattening of the lip body
3. Loss of hydration of the lip tissue
4. Development of lipstick or smokers lines above the lip
5. Droopy mouth corners also called marionette lines

To correct the above mouth and lip area problems, Rupesh uses Juvederm Vycross dermal filler made by Allergan. This is because he believes this brand is the premium and gives the most natural finish. These latest Vycross range of Juvederm Dermal Fillers are specially designed to be smooth, natural looking and very long lasting with much less swelling than other dermal fillers on the market, making them the perfect first choice as lip fillers.


There are two Juvederm dermal ranges available in the UK market: the original Juvederm Ultra and the new premium Juvederm Vycross range. We at London Lip Clinic no longer use the Juvederm Ultra range and exclusively use the Juvederm Vycross dermal fillers. This range comprises of:

1. Juvederm Vycross Volite

for use in improving skin quality, improving skin smoothness, treating fine lines, aiding hydration and skin elasticity; with long-lasting results after just one treatment. It is aimed at use on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

2. Juvederm Vycross Volbella

for use in treating fine lines, medium-sized skin depressions and for the enhancement and contouring of the lips.

3. Juvederm Vycross Volift

for use in treating deep wrinkles and skin depressions, to improve the contouring to the face and lips, and to restore lost volume.

4. Juvederm Vycross Voluma

used for restoring volume to the face, e.g., the cheeks.

5. Juvederm Vycross Volux

to sculpt the chin and jaw area, giving facial definition that can last for up to 18–24 months.

For creating natural looking lips using dermal fillers we exclusively use Juvederm Volbella & Juvederm Volift at our London Lip clinic.

Juverdderm Treatments

Juvederm Volbella is formulated with Vycross technology and lidocaine for comfort. Juvéderm Volbella infuses dry, thin lips with a healthy dose of moisture-bound, hyaluronic acid (HA). Many of our patients that are bothered by specific concerns such as lip fullness, age-related lip volume loss and wrinkles around the lips find Volbella the best solution as Juvederm Volbella technology uses variously weighted hyaluronic acid molecules that are designed to boost Volbella’s lifespan and efficacy. Juvederm Volbella is exceptionally good for creating definition and a sharp vermillion border, hence Juvederm Volbella is a great product for anyone considering lip enhancement.

Juvederm Volift is another premium dermal filler made by Allergan and is formulated with the Vycross technology to go in smoothly into the areas injected and last exceptionally long. Juvederm Volift is a powerful face contouring dermal filler and widely used to rejuvenate the facial areas by restoring lost volume. In addition to plumping up the lips, Juvederm Volift can be used as a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet or frown lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and vertical lip lines. If you’re looking for more Volume in your lips and a more enhanced poutier look, Juvederm Volift is your perfect choice. Juvederm Volift is more viscous than Volbella but it is still so fine it can be injected out of the finest needle to produce the most volumised, natural looking and glamourous lips in this world.


Results last up to
Juvederm Volbella: 12 months
Juvederm Volift: 18 months

Gel Viscosity (thickness)
Juvederm Volbella: Thinnest and most spreadable gel.
Juvederm Volift: More of a “happy medium” of durability and spread ability.

Perfect for
Juvederm Volbella: Perfect for fine lip lines or smooth delicate areas.
Juvederm Volift: Perfect for creating more volume and areas like marionett lines.

Both are:
Approved by the MHRA, require No skin test, create Smooth, natural undetectable results, have short treatment time of around 40 minutes and have minimum downtime or discomfort.


At all times, it is important to have a natural and subtle finish. The only people who should know you’ve had treatment are you and your practitioner Rupesh!
With London Lip Clinic, Rupesh will only use just the right amount of filler. Furthermore, he will ensure correct placement to minimise the risk of your lip fillers appearing unnatural.

Rupesh is medically trained, has an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and has skill full artistry, and experience. With these qualities we are able to select the right dermal filler for you needs, given your skin type, goals and personal preferences, we perform injections safely and skill fully to achieve a beautiful and natural outcome. More often than not, a combination of different Juvederm Vycross dermal fillers offers the most satisfying, long-lasting results.

Whether you have always had naturally thin and undefined lips, or you are noticing a loss of volume and definition in your lips as time goes on, lip fillers London  can help to create and restore the shape and definition of your lips.
During an in-depth consultation with Rupesh at London Lip Clinic, you can explain what you wish to achieve from your lip augmentation. After a facial analysis and understanding of your lips when in motion, smiling or resting, expertly trained Rupesh will discuss the best options for your specific needs. Following the rule of one-third to two-thirds, with the bottom lip being the fullest, Rupesh can then use ultra-safe Juvederm lip fillers to create a beautifully plump and naturally shaped fuller finish for your lips.

Lip fillers can also help to give fullness and plumpness to lips which appear to be excessively lined or wrinkled in appearance. Furthermore, at London Lip clinic we can also use Juvederm dermal fillers around the mouth area to fill out any lines and wrinkles. This includes vertical lip lines, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. This can help you to achieve full confidence and happiness with your mouth area and lower face.


At London Lip Clinic all our Juvederm dermal fillers have a built in anaesthetic making the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. We also recognise that everyone is different and have different pain thresh holds. Hence we use a method of dental block to create a complete pain free experience with everyone. In addition we have our own special fast acting topical numbing cream made specially for us in the lab which can be applied in addition to the dental block.


Rupesh using a cannula can create beautiful natural looking, razor sharp lip!

At London Lip Clinic we use micro cannula for lip augmentation — this is a rounded blunt-tip tool. The micro cannula only makes one single hole allowing for the blunt needle to place filler deeper under the muscle, rather than a bunch of tiny ones using the needle technique. Hence it allows for a more precise product placement, and according to Rupesh, it will decrease the change of bruising post-procedure. We have noticed a significant drop in the amount of bruising and swelling in our patients after dermal filler injections when using a micro cannulas compared with a needle. A micro cannula is flexible, which often allows multiple areas of the lip to be treated through a single needle hole — again, decreasing pain and bruising.


The most severe lip filler complications like vascular occlusion can result from injection of dermal filler material into arteries, causing the artery to be blocked, and blood flow to an area of the skin to decrease. This decrease in blood flow can lead to death of the skin that the artery supplies. With micro cannulas, the possibility of intravascular injection is essentially zero. Hence it is the safest technique to use when constructing Lips. This is a very specialised technique and take a bit more time and finesse to use hence not many clinics use this technique.


Lip fillers can be used to create many different lip shapes depending on where and how the filler is injected into the lips. But to create some thing that suits your face is the more important than just choosing a lip shape you like. Think of it like a hairstyle. When you go get your hair done, many people bring in a picture of what they have in mind. A good hairdresser will use this as a guideline, but, as you likely know, certain hairstyles just don’t quite work on everyone in the same way say, a thin face vs. a more rounder face, will require different shape and size. So with lip augmentation, having an idea in mind is great, but remember to trust Rupesh’s advice and experience!

Classic Lip – The most popular style of lip augmentation that patients ask for is unquestionably the Classic look. This style of lip augmentation is subtle, yet produces a distinctive formation of all the 5 natural planes that exist in the lips. Women who have lost volume through ageing and those who want a subtle augmentation choose this style.

Cupids Bow Lip – the fullness of the lips fill in the middle first enhancing the cupids bow, then the sides.

Masculine Lip – This is Characterised by the square corners of the lip, in line with the masculine form.

Most people will require a combination of styles to suit their individual concerns.


The mouth and surrounding soft-tissues undergo significant physiological and structural changes with age. Common clinical presentations include: vertical line formation, volume loss (fat atrophy), lengthening of the upper lip and gravitational descent with subsequent deepening of natural folds (nasolabial and marionette). In order to achieve a comprehensive and lasting improvement, it is important to treat the deeper soft-tissue layers alongside the superficial skin. A combination of treatments (each of which addresses a relevant component of the ageing process) will provide synergistic benefits beyond what can be achieved from a single procedure.

Smokers Lines: These can be softened with Botox or a little dermal filler injected as micro droplet.
Cornes Of the Mouth: This is also called marionette lines and can be corrected using dermal fillers.
Nasolabial Folds: These can be treated with dermal fillers.



At London Lip Clinic, we offer a complimentary pre-treatment consultation appointment with a Rupesh, with no obligations. If you go ahead with treatment, we’ll also book you in for a free follow up visit to make sure the filler is settling properly and ensure that you’re well and happy with your result. At this consultation you can talk about the shape, volume and see a few before and after photos of the lip augmentation treatment. You can discuss with Rupesh things like wheather you like a rounded cupids bow or a sharper cupids bow? more volume on both the lips or only in the top lip, etc

“I want subtle lip fillers without the duck face.” This is what a lot of our clients ask. Rupesh will take care of this. He will make sure you leave the clinic with a beautiful volumised pout without the “done up” look.


Make an appointment with Rupesh to discuss your Lip Filler Goals:
1. Tel: 0203 239 7041
2. Email: [email protected]
3. Online: Click the Booking link above.

Talk to us about our other Facial aesthetic treatments of the face. These are designed to reduce the signs of ageing and to give you a natural and fresh look to your face, without the need for any invasive surgical treatments.






You will meet with Rupesh, our highly trained aesthetic practitioner at 8 Harley Street, London for an in-person assessment of your skin.
Rupesh, your highly trained and experienced practitioner will discuss the following with you at this consultation:

• The best options for treatment for you given condition, and the results that you would likely achieve with each treatment
• An explanation of the treatment or treatment plan
• Go through your past medical history
• Answer any questions you may have
• Invite you to return back to the clinic if required to see us after your treatment


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