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ALL BOTOX TREATMENT IN LONDON ARE NOT THE SAME!! Is Botox safe? This is a common question among people first considering treatment, and deservedly so. However, please do not let the word “toxin” keep you from pursuing youthful radiance. Botox has been used of millions of patients and is approved by the MHRA. In the hands of a qualified injector like Rupesh, neuromodulators have an excellent safety record with low risk of side effects.

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Wrinkles and lines on our faces usually appear as we age, due to repeated muscle movements and our natural genetic make-up. Other extrinsic factors can increase the likelihood of wrinkles, such as over exposure to sun rays/sun beds, excessive alcohol intake, unhealthy diet, over-stimulated hormones and smoking. Some of these can be avoided or counteracted by undertaking carefully crafted skin care regimes and a lifestyle of monastic abstinence. However, most of us cannot stop the internal ageing process and we will ultimately seek solutions to the wrinkling problem.

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The Best Places To Get Botox in London in 2022

London Lip Clinic has been established in world famous Harley Street, London for over 10 years. We are a leading medical aesthetic clinic specialising in non surgical aesthetic procedures: Every thing from Botox to Lip Fillers.

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London Lip Clinic

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